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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Frequency lists for top 5000 Chinese words and top 2000 characters

Inainte de toate va invit sa cumparati un dictionar roman-chinez. Daca va intereseaza. scrieti-mi la adresa limba.chineza@yahoo.com

Cei care doresc sa intre in posesia acestei liste, vor trebui, inainte de toate sa comande un dictionar roman-chinez. 

Frequency lists for top 5000 Chinese words and top 2000 characters

Dictionar de frecventa lexicala chinez-englez


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dictionar roman-chinez

Dictionar roman-chinez

limba.chineza@yahoo.com sau mmoldovan1969@gmail.com. Dictionarul roman-chinez costa 70 RON + taxe postale (10 RON).  Plata se face prin ramburs postal, adica platiti la ridicarea coletului. Pentru a primi coletul, trimiteti-mi adresa exacta, inclusiv codul postal .si un numar de telefon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fonturi chinezesti

linkurile pentru descarcare:

simplified: http://rapidshare.com/files/11728608/Chinese_Simplified_Font_Collection.pdf

traditional: http://rapidshare.com/files/11728354/Chinese_Traditional_Font_Collection.pdf

and download it all here:


Dictionarul electronic marca Wenlin pentru studenti de limba chineza

Pentru a primi o copie personala prin posta, scrieti-mi.


Wenlin Opens the Gate to Chinese

Welcome to Wenlin!

Wenlin is CD-ROM software for the Macintosh and MS-Windows operating systems. Wenlin tackles the most frustrating obstacles for students, scholars, and speakers of Chinese with its versatile and easy-to-use interface. It is like having a seasoned scholar on your desktop! An integrated solution, Wenlin combines a high-speed expandable Chinese dictionary, a full-featured text editor, and unique "flashcard" system all in one intuitive environment. Wenlin is a comprehensive tool for beginning students, life-long speakers, and scholars alike. Wenlin 3 includes an expanded and improved version of the already huge ABC Chinese-English Dictionary edited by John DeFrancis, giving it a total of over 10,000 characters and approximately 200,000 words and phrases.
Wenlin's unique interface provides instant "point to" vocabulary look-up and "click" access to detailed vocabulary information. Wenlin's extensive character descriptions and cross-referencing include pictures of characters in ancient and modern forms, simple and full form, and pinyin. Wenlin reads, writes, edits, and prints Chinese documents of any size and includes built-in selection of Chinese literature and current media. You can copy and paste Chinese text between Wenlin and other applications. Unicode, GB, Big5, and UTF-8 Encodings are supported. Automated drill and review includes scoring, tracking, interactive testing, multiple-choice and composed-answer. Other powerful features include animated stroke-by-stroke display, handwriting recognition, and audio-CD quality studio recordings of all Mandarin syllables. Multi-user packs are available.

The Power of Wenlin

Dictionary Interface

  • High speed customizable and expandable Chinese dictionary
  • Over ten thousand characters, over 200,000 words and phrases
  • Instant "point to" vocabulary look-up
  • Click access to essential vocabulary info
  • Extensive character descriptions and cross-referencing
  • Pictures of ancient and modern forms of Chinese characters
  • Desktop access to important Chinese scholarship and literature
  • Click access to all words that contain a character, including definitions, ordered by frequency of usage
  • Character look-up by component, including groups that share components
  • Fast automatic search access to huge selection of literature, for finding examples in context
  • Character lists arranged by stroke-count and pronunciation
  • Automatically updated listing

Text Editor

  • Reads, writes, edits, and prints Chinese documents
  • Supports Unicode format, the most widely recognized world standard, as well as GB, Big5, UTF-8 and HZ
  • Built-in selection of Chinese literature, current new media included
  • Word-wrap, undo, cut, copy, paste, search, and replace
  • Unlimited document size
  • Characters and words entered using phonetic conversion or handwriting recognition
  • Instant dictionary integrated with text editor
  • Combines simple and full form Chinese characters, pinyin, and English in one document
  • Compatible with other Chinese language applications, pen/tablet tools

"Flashcards" System

  • Automated drill and review
  • Interactive testing, multiple-choice and composed-answer
  • Scoring and tracking
  • Dictionary access while memorizing vocabulary
  • Simultaneous display of documents, definitions, lists, and flashcards


  • Animated Stroke-By-Stroke Display
  • Instant Handwriting Recognition
  • Audio-CD quality studio recordings of all Mandarin syllables

Alternativa pinyin table with audio

Hanyu Pinyin(汉语拼音)

This pinyin table is a complete listing of all Hanyu Pinyin(汉语拼音)syllables used in Standard Mandarin. Click on the cell for pronunciation.
* An empty cell indicates that the corresponding syllable does not exist in Standard Mandarin.