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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Romanian Sounds and the Romanian Alphabet

The Romanian alphabet
As we have said, Romanian uses the Roman alphabet. Its orthography is mainly phonemic: i.e., each letter represents the same sound in any word in which it occurs, with only a very few exceptions.
Here is a table of the 31 letters of the Romanian alphabet in their proper alphabetical order. Each letter is accompanied by an English word containing much the same sound; a Romanian word that uses the letter; and the Romanian pronunciation of the name of the letter.
Letter (Letter name) Sounds like English Example
a (a) mud nai (panflute)
ă (euh) faster masă (table)
â (â) no equivalent când (when)
b (be) bad brun (brown)
c (ce) mask sec (dry)
d (de) dog dantelă (lace)
e (e) let semn (sign)
f (fe) fog fată (girl)
g (ge) jam geam (window)
h (ha) hear hartă (map)
i (ee) sin mic (small)
î (î) no equivalent înger (angel)
j (zhe) pleasure judeţ (county)
k (ka) kilogram kilometru (kilometre)
l (le) line lume (word)
m (me) mouse modern (modern)
n (ne) new nor (cloud)
o (o) corn porc (pig)
p (pe) spouse park (park)
q (kju) quince quark (quark)
r (re) rapid repede (fast)
s (se) sound sac (bag)
ş (she) shark şapte (seven)
t (te) store tată (father)
ţ (tse) cats ţară (country)
u (u) moon curent (current)
v (ve) visit vas (receptacle)
w (dublu ve) wine whisky (whisky)
x (iks) six xilofon (xylophone)
y (igrek) yes Yale (lock)
z (ze) zone zonă (zone)
The following combinations of letters also exist in Romanian: ce, ci, che, chi, ge, gi, ghe, ghi.

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